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Blog Post 4/4/2018

When It Doesn’t go To Plan…

This week I had arranged to catch up with a good friend of mine Peter Dowling (IG handle @father_richard) for some photography around our beautiful North West Coast.

Our plan initially was to scout out some waterfalls and see how the water flow was looking, not that it would be at its pumping best yet, but it’s a good chance to have a look at the area to see what restrictions might be around when the flow does reach its best in our coming winter months. It’s amazing to see how the landscape changes sometimes with foot traffic, fallen trees etc so I find if you do get the chance to check things out it can be an advantage. We still have some areas around our state that are still inaccessible from flooding 2 years ago.

After some patchy weather over the Easter break, which was perfect for photographing waterfalls, Wednesday hit us with a curve ball. A beautiful sunny clear sky autumn day! Great – but why not Tuesday or Thursday weather gods!

Plan B... after a coffee stop we decided to make the trip from Devonport travelling east to Deloraine and then head to Alum Cliffs near Chudleigh, and then onwards to Devils Gullet.

Alum Cliffs rises 200mtr out of the gorge above the flowing Mersey River and was my first trip visiting here. A nice 25 minutes or so walk along a well constructed track has you reaching the lookout point of the gorge. It’s a nice view from the lookout, if only we had some cloud formations to take advantage of some long exposure photography. At least it was a good chance to have a look and get the mind ticking over with some ideas to comeback and shoot at some other times of the day. That would definitely be on the cards.

Our next stop was to travel through Chudleigh, Mole Creek and on to Devils Gullet.

Again, this was an area I hadn’t visited before, and I did have an idea to get up there and shoot some astro photography at some point. Today would be ideal for checking out the road up and see how things could pan out for some compositions.

And well…. That was the plan. After driving in an hour or so, and 5 km from the carpark at the top, we hit car trouble. An overheated engine thanks to a crack in a radiator hose had us stuck in the middle of the road half way up a reasonable incline.

We were going nowhere.

Luckily, we had some phone reception and a creek about a km down the road to grab some water. Maybe we could at least get the car moving to get back to Mole Creek.

Keeping an eye on temperature gauges and topping up the radiator with water along the way, we were able to get back to Mole Creek.

Luckily the local service station was able to assist with a new radiator hose and we were fixed up.

I think I will come away with maybe 1 shot from Alum Cliffs… maybe! Oh well…

An eventful, but somewhat poor day of Tasmanian landscape photography!

At least no one was injured, my car is OK, and we live to shoot another day.