A bit about Simon - Simon Sturzaker Photography

Mobile 0456 780 055

Hi there and welcome to my website!

I am a photographer based in Tasmania, Australia and love taking photos.... funny thing that!

I enjoy shooting a wide range of genres with Landscape, City & Street, Sport and Astro photography being some of my favorites.  

I love to get out and about photographing around our amazing island state of Tasmania and have a desire to shoot further abroad.

I am passionate about creating special memories in varying styles of photography - so if you're after something in particular, then I'm always eager to expand and learn.

My goal is to be a creative as possible, keep learning, enhance my skill set and tell amazing stories in my images.

I believe in trusting your gut, working hard and things tend to have a funny way of sorting themselves out - after all if the road to greatness was easy..... then I think you're on the wrong road !

Feel free to send me an email via the CONTACT link for any inquiries or questions you may have, or contact me directly on 0456 780 055.

Many Thanks!