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Simon Sturzaker Photography is the official event photographer for Basketball Tasmania, covering all the major events across the state.

Prices for photos are as follows - discounts will apply based on quantities and / or design concept.

Digital download - $15 (discounts apply based on quantity break)

Ilford Smooth Pearl lustre paper prints for game images

4 x 6 inch $10  -  5 x 7 inch $10  -  6 x 9 inch $12  -  8 x 12 inch $20  -  A4 $20  -  12 x 18 inch $30  -  A3 $30

Ilford Metallic Gloss paper prints for graphic design images

Dependent on concept and design but typically for most events I will have a set design that I have made up for that particular event. As a guide these start at $45 for A4 size and $75 for A3.

More information on graphic design prints can be found at the SSP GRAPHICS section of this website.